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For the 2014/15 school year, we're pleased to offer PAGE 2 STAGE, a new project that puts a professional playwright in-class with your students, teaching them the basics of how to adapt any book or story into a live theatrical event!

"3D Literature"
Our approach to adaptation is based on the concept of teaching playwrighting as a form of "3D Literature." The student/writer has to be aware that writing for theatre (or television, or film) means that the work has to be read, has to be heard, and has to be seen - and that they have to be aware of all three elements when they're working on their adaptations.

The Process
One of our professional writers will be in class with your students for two days in one week, working with them on the first day at understanding good dramatic structure, and the next day at visualizing an Aesop's Fable story for the stage. After that, the students have the rest of that week to be working on their pieces, and the process culminates with one or two days of staged reading presentations in front of the class a week after the initial class session.

The Aesop pieces are ideal for beginning adaptation, since most of them are fairly short (two or three paragraphs) and open-ended enough to allow your students to be very creative in fleshing out the characters and the details of their scripts.

Scheduling and Pricing
The PAGE 2 STAGE program is available year-round, making it ideal for the regular school year as well as summer school programs. Pricing is determined by how many students will be involved in the process - for one classroom (or a group of up to 30 students), the fee is $600 for the whole process, or $450 if your school also books a GreatWorks touring show for in-school performance. If you are a dedicated Language Arts teacher with multiple classes, each additional class would be booked at 25% off the one-classroom price.

For more details about PAGE TO STAGE, or to ask about specific dates for your school, please contact Producing Director Matt O'Brien.