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2017/18 General Auditions
Our Season Generals for 2017/18 will take place on Sunday, September 10 and Monday September 11 at a northside Chicago location. if you're interested in being considered for our upcoming season, please email your headshot and resume in pdf format and we'll review it on receipt.

Our Auditions Process
GreatWorks has a roster of 13 touring productions for K through 12 audiences, including a modern adaptation of CHRISTMAS CAROL, a recreation of Orson Welles' 1937 JULIUS CAESAR, a unique take on the ANNE FRANK story, adaptations of books like NUMBER THE STARS, and an improv-style history of America, 50 STATES IN 60 MINUTES.

Auditions utilize sides from actual GreatWorks scripts rather than monologues, since it's most useful for us to see your approach to the actual work we do. If selected for an audition spot, you'll be emailed a packet that will offer you a choice of 20 to 30 different scenes and characters.

Diversity and Inclusion
We always try to present casts that reflect the diversity of our Chicago audiences. We employ a color-blind casting policy for non-ethnic specific roles, but also have numerous roles specifically for artists of color.

Rehearsals, Show Schedules, Compensation
Shows generally perform on weekday mornings during the school year, with occasional weekend or overnight bookings. Tour schedule is usually finalized 3-5 weeks before performances begin. Rehearsals are held at various locations in Chicago, usually for a period of a few weeks prior to first performance (a few nights or weekend mornings per week).

Because of the number of projects we have going at any given time, rehearsals are necessarily very focused, with the emphasis on technical elements having to do with blocking and business, not about "exploration" - the performer is expected to have done their homework and made character choices on their own, which are brought in to the rehearsal room.

All roles are paid, with very competitive performance salaries.

If you're interested in adding your resume/headshot to our files in the hopes of being considered for any new openings, then please click here and submit a pdf copy of your information.